Retail Infrastructure Example

BJB was contracted to build out several stores in what was the largest ever light up of retail stores ever attempted. The job was to build out all the infrastructure from the demarcation point, where the service providers brought services to the store at the back wall. Working with the site construction managers and liaising with the project managers from the retail head office, the BJB team built out the entire store including the following tasks.

  • Run all the cat 6 and speaker cabling and terminate with patch panels, junction boxes and plugs
  • Install network cabinets and UPS units, Firewalls and Switches
  • Work as onsite eyes and ears and assist Network Operations confirm access to the new network from remote Operations Centre
  • Setup all the Point of Sale terminals, printers, card readers, IR scanners, Time of Flight cameras, security cameras, VOIP handsets
  • Install and configure security cameras and Network Video Recorders

The project was an absolute success and take great pride in seeing our field work servicing thousands of people and being part of the ongoing success of the retailer.

Automobile Dealership Management

BJB has been absolutely blessed to be involved with the most respected brands in automobile sales period. Our role is best described as total management of all the IT and requires having a role as part of the management staff. Reporting directly to the GM and the owner BJBs responsibilities include:

-Oversee relationships with phone and Internet providers, working with accountant and GM and reporting on needs.

-Setup of networks in 5 separate building and the creating of a distributed network infrastructure using Juniper devices for a VPN based private network

  • Systems administration of all the servers for user management, shared folders and all data backups
  • Systems administration of the proprietary workshop test equipment
  • Design and planning of wiring and infrastructure to all 5 locations as the business did renovations and new construction. Working with Owner, Architect, Construction managers and overseeing work by Electrical Contractors
  • Implementation and management of the security systems, cameras and alarms
  • Support every member of the business with Desktop PC, VOIP phones and email services
  • Manage all the domain names and hosted services
  • Planning upgrades and retirement of aging systems on a schedule and budgeting with the accounting department

Personal Support

Because of our personable approach we get asked to help individuals with computing needs. We provide support using Teamviewer, which allows us to connect to a Mac or PC remotely on a per session basis. When necessary we can arrange a site visit to help restore lost connection or recover systems unable to properly function. We also work with the team at Generic Computers ( to provide value and equipment support. An example of a call of this kind included the following help:

  • Referral call from a friend of a client, a retired couple with two PCs
  • Assisted on site with configuring PCs to connect to the Internet
  • Assisted in recovering passwords for Hotmail email addresses
  • Assisted in setting up shared printing
  • Assisted in recovering an expired domain name and reconfiguring the hosting and email services
  • Assisted in backing up iphones and making sure all passwords were written down in a book for safekeeping
  • Followed up with a remote Teamviewer session to assist in locating some lost documents

This type of work is sometimes the most rewarding. Work is work but when you can help frustrated people overcome their fears of the unknown and reach a point of comfort, there is a personal reward in the sense of accomplishment.