What we do:

General IT Management

The world of IT is constantly changing as are the needs of the businesses we support. Our process is to work with our clients to become an outsourced part of their critical infrastructure with clearly defined areas of responsibility. Often we are the only staff with access to critical business data and information, providing excellent protection from situations like a “disgruntled employee” being able to damage a company when things go wrong. Here is a list of point form things we do when working as IT Management Consultants.

  • Maintain Inventory documentation of all IT Systems specifications and access
  • Maintain details of contracts and relationships with Internet Service Providers, Domain Name Registrars, Hosting Companies, Telco Companies and other Software and Service Vendor
  • Assist with planning and deployment of migrations, scheduled upgrades and new deployments of Servers, Workstations, Telephones and other IT devices.
  • Attend management meetings to speak for the IT requirements of the business we support
  • Management and planning of infrastructure support even where the support work is performed by in-house or outsourced staff.

Infrastructure build out and support

Our team has experience with building out retail facilities, offices and Data Centers. We have setup IT infrastructure for as few as 2 people and as many as 120. We are experienced in not only the current technologies being used in the field, but very well versed in assessing future needs. On many occasions we have saved customers frustration, time and money by getting involved at the planning stage. We have experience working with Architects, Construction managers and operations Managers.

  • Installation of wiring (Cat5, Cat6, telco) and patch panels
  • Installation, build out and light up of Network Racks and associated equipment
  • Versed with equipment like POS, TOF cameras, WAPs, Surveillance Equipment, VOIP
  • Experience on construction sites and working with Electrical and other trades

Web and Internet Services

We provide hosting on shared and dedicated equipment and Virtualized Environments like Clouds. We are specialized in supporting WordPress websites though we are comfortable working with most hosting systems. We have been in the hosting business since before the current Millennium and have built and deployed e-Commerce sites on a wide variety of platforms and softwares. Our staff know their way around TCP/IP services and particularly services based on domain names.

  • Domain name purchase and management
  • Website development, hosting and management
  • Email setup, support and management
  • Website security, versioning and hosting support
  • Website hosting
  • Setup of Cloud based services including building custom clouds in specific Data Centres
  • Backup plans and implementation

Network Administration

We build manage and maintain networks.

  • Firewall setup, installation and management
  • Switch setup and management
  • Oversee relationships with Telco and Internet Providers
  • Host management and documentation
  • Security, VPN and Remote Access

Systems Administration

We support many types of physical hardware, from Mac and PC through to tablets, iPads and phones.

-Support maintenance and control of workstations and servers, routine patches and incident recovery, setup and monitor backups.

  • Custom hardware builds and deployment of made to order systems
  • Software installation, setup and support
  • VM Ware, Hyper-V, Linux and Mac environments


We support Mac and Windows users with personable assistance for all technical issues. We provide remote and on site support as required. Our staff can assist YOU and are happy to support novice users (like our grandparents or yours!) as well as experienced power users.

Media Production

BJB offers media creation services related to your IT services. We offer:

  • Photography for product images and staff headshots,
  • Audio recording and mixing for your custom “on hold” messages to your customers
  • Videography services

All of our team are very experienced with media creation, these have become service offerings out of our personal pursuits and passions.