Peer1 into 2011 and beyond

BJB has been working with Peer1 since the days that the company used to be Colobrokers. The Peer1 network is the best place to keep your data and provide your Internet presence to the world. Now that Internet services have become so more affordable, you can rest assured that services […]

More Racks Now Online

Thanks to those of you waiting for rack space, your patience is appreciated. This morning we got confirmation that the new racks are ready to go, so expect a call shortly.

Is everything on this site free?

No, of course not. BJB charges for consulting and deployment of solutions that are themselves free. What BJB does NOT charge you for is services that you can get for free. BJB does not recommend any free services unless they have been thoroughly tested and meet the requirements for recommendation. […]

Free Hosted Point of Sale Offer

BJB has been developing hosted Point of Sale Software. Over the course of several years in this market it has become apparent what features are key to most businesses. In 2010 BJB is pleased to have a free offering to clients of hosted Point of Sale Software. BJB can provide […]

We got the cloud and more………..

In an effort to meet the growing requests for cloud based services, BJB has sourced local providers. While there is a growing market for cloud computing, most of the providers with great infrastructure are in the US. BJB is very pleased to have found facilities in Vancouver BC, where everything […]

Yes we can hook up your studio….

BJB has a wealth of qualified musician friendly techies. Yes, we can wire up your room, house, studio etc and make all your gadgets and gear work. From your new VOIP phone system through to your sweet Toft console and snake, we can get all your gear dialed in so […]

MAC Networking

BJB provides networking services to recording and broadcasting facilities. We manage everything from the wiring, through to the switches, firewalls, servers, workstations and backup devices.