Brand New Datacenter

BJB is very pleased to announce the completion of our brand new data-center. Offerings range from full 42u racks, down to octals. The facility has it’s own on site diesel backup generators, non water dependent AC, industry standard man-trap entrance, alarms, biometric controlled key less entry, customer workbench with tools, […]

App Development

Due to overwhelming demand, BJB is now providing app development services. Contact us today to discuss your ipad or mobile app project. We look forward to discussing your application with you. BJB is connected with larger incubator companies for larger scale projects, as well as our regular team of app […]

Vancouver Server Colocation

Contact BJB today for colocation in Vancouver BC. Colocation is primarily provided within the Peer1 Network in Harbour Center. Due to very high demand there is limited space available. BJB offers competitive bandwidth, redundant Datacanters, DDOS protection and full service technical support. BJB also offers Virtualization options on a range […]

New Racks Available now

Just announced, has available 18 full cabinets in Harbour Center. Contact us today for a quote. Do it now, they are going fast.

Virtualized Environments

BJB is very pleased to be offering cloud services through a variety of vendors. Integrated applications via “the cloud” are an extremely efficient way to reduce cost and clutter in your organization,  whichever business you are in. BJB offers VMWare environments hosted on Sun Microsystems Servers. BJB has 3 Data […]

New Data Centre Online

BJB is pleased to announce brand new data center space in Vancouver. The new DC has an abundance of power, backed up by 3 days worth of UPS power plus generators. The network is multi-honed with real redundancy and the best part is that there are proper redundant connections to […]

Peer1 into 2011 and beyond

BJB has been working with Peer1 since the days that the company used to be Colobrokers. The Peer1 network is the best place to keep your data and provide your Internet presence to the world. Now that Internet services have become so more affordable, you can rest assured that services […]

More Racks Now Online

Thanks to those of you waiting for rack space, your patience is appreciated. This morning we got confirmation that the new racks are ready to go, so expect a call shortly.

Is everything on this site free?

No, of course not. BJB charges for consulting and deployment of solutions that are themselves free. What BJB does NOT charge you for is services that you can get for free. BJB does not recommend any free services unless they have been thoroughly tested and meet the requirements for recommendation. […]

Free email hosting for Business

Are you tired of hitting send on that all important email and having your email client hang and then spit out an error? That is likely followed up by a call to your provider and uh-oh you cannot get them on the phone because everyone else is calling in too. […]