BJB is offering to qualified inquiries, 1 years free website hosting when you sign up for a one hour consultation in Google Analytics. If you do any of the following and are not using Google Analytics, then simply you are missing out on one of the most vital tools for your business. Does your website:

-Generate Sales Leads or Customer Inquiries?
-Deliver text or multi-media to your customers?
-Sell products Online?

In addition to helping you understand by SHOWING you how your visitors come to your website, BJB can assist you in Optimizing your website and increasing your conversion rate. A conversion rate is simply any outcome you are looking for, which could be a product sale, a PDF download, even clicking a link to another website you advertise.

This offer is limited to one domain per consultation. For customers with specialized hosting requirements of server software additional fees may apply to the hosting. The first part of consultation will be to determine eligibility, and is provided at no cost to you. BJB has hosting arrangements with Canada’s top hosting firms, and can arrange hosting for any platform at excellent prices. BJB also offers hosting in offshore markets at prices as low as zero ($0) for the year. Contact us today for a free quote.