Are you tired of hitting send on that all important email and having your email client hang and then spit out an error? That is likely followed up by a call to your provider and uh-oh you cannot get them on the phone because everyone else is calling in too. In over 10 years of managing email, running Linux and windows mail servers, I recommend Google free email hosting.
Google will host your email for your domain in the same manner any hosting provider does, only they do it for free and they do it better, in my opinion. There is a really simple interface that allows you to control the accounts, forwards, aliases and lists. You also get other great features like dice, but that is for another post. Autoresponders, webmail, the BEST spam control and IMAP and POP are all included, with 7 GB (yes you read that right!) of email storage for every account.
I cannot speak for everyone, but in 3 years of using it for my corporate email, recommending it and setting it up for hundreds of clients, I have not had an issue beyond once or twice it was ever so slightly slow. In that same period of time I have watched every sys admin I know struggle with their mail severs to keep them from dying under the volumes of spam, burning not only their own man hours and resources, but the resources of Customer Service answering calls from all the annoyed clients. Meanwhile I kick back and never have an email complaint from my clients. Google Mail, for a nice life!