BJB will host your website starting at $20 for the year and up. How you ask? BJB has been in the hosting business since very early on in 1998. With a large distributed network of clients and equipment, BJB has the resources to offer highly competitive hosting programs. The website hosting market, particularly in Vancouver BC, has reached a high level of saturation and prices have really bottomed out.

Looking around you will find the Dinosaur companies still charging $6 and $5 per GB of data transfer, just like they did back when they started. The clients of those companies are paying this price simply because they are used to the bill, and their providers are not going to proactively offer them a reduction. BJB has maintained a very fair price through the shifting times of the IT marketplace and always strives to offer competitive prices, with outstanding service. Nobody needs a cheap hosting package with bad support, we ALL need a hosting package with the best support. Don’t settle for less!